Als Kultur leben, wir übernehmen das Kamon in die Zukunft.

Kamon, like the family crests in European heraldic tradition, are emblems used to identify individuals and families in Japan. They have been a part of Japanese culture for some 960 years, since the year 1050. Kamon represent a family in the same way as a surname does and each kamon has a special meaning. In olden times people changed the kamon or created new ones according to their status in the society of the time. These days many families still take great care to preserve their ancestral kamon and I think this is a good thing although, unfortunately, very few people understand the original meaning of their kamon. I want to reactivate the kamon of old and at the same time introduce this wonderful and beautiful culture to the people of the world. I conduct activities aimed at promoting this ancient tradition–not simply as heritage, but as a living culture–including research, production, exhibitions, courses in kamon production, and helping to create new kamon designers.

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